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bilde2910 in sacred Seasons Mmorpg

bilde2910 is an active player in Sacred Seasons and are class Scout. To know, I have completed many quests in Sacred Seasons MMORPG. Quests are tasks to do. By them you earn experience that you can use to earn a level. All players starts at level 1. Then you need 10 XP to reach the next level. You complete quests by completing dungeons filled with monsters. By completing a battle you earn XP and Silver. The first battle you may see is a battle containing a Spider. The Spider has 27 HP (hit points) that you must attack to reduce this HP. Once it reach 0, it dies. Kill all enemies in a battle to complete it. A monster's HP can vary very much. From 24 (Mud Bagder got 24) to 20,000,000 (a spesific Bear has 20 million), which is extremley much. You can also use Skills, that can be used as long as you have enough SP (Skill Points). The number of skill points required is always shown besides the skill. Click Skill and then the spesific skill and then a target (that might be you) to use it. You get more and more XP when you can fight at better places as you level up. A Spider gives 8 XP, as 5 Choppers (9000 HP each) gives more tha 1000 XP. You need more and more XP to next level when you grow up. At level 1 you need 10 XP to get to level 2, but from 150 to 151 is more than 100,000 XP! Visit the links page to see more about Quests and Experience to next level.

bilde2910 in Platform Racing 2

bilde2910 is sometimes on Platform Racing 2, with 4 accounts; bilde2910, Bagde, RankHacker and Learn Glitches. How do you get experience? Complete races. Many races. Very many races. To play this game or get insrtuctions, see the links page.



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Bilde2910 in Club Penguin

Club Penguin is a game where you are a penguin. Its a game used by both childs and grown-ups. Go to Links to play Club Penguin now!